Must Haves

Here are some links to products that I have purchased and actively use to help with the maintenance of my tanks. Most are pretty reasonable in price. Let me know how you like them:

Water Proof Gloves:

Atlas Glove WG772M 26-Inch Long Sleeve Nitrile Coated Cotton Lined Work Gloves, Medium

To Keep my Glass Clean:

Kent Marine AKM00981 10-Pack Stainless Steel Algae ProScraper Blade

To Keep my iPhone Dry:

Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case

For Testing Salinity:

Salinity Refractometer

For Testing Alk, Cal and Mg:

Red Sea Reef Foundation Test Kit – Calcium, Alkalinity & Magnesium

To stay organized:

Keter Cantilever Organizer – 22in., Model# 17185073

Have something you absolutely love and you would like to share? Leave a comment or head over to the “Contact Us” tab and shoot us an email…


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