Your Livestock Will Tell You

Want to know when something is going wrong in your tank? Pay attention…Watch your livestock…More on the Aquarium Reef blog

Aquarium Reef

Have you ever noticed a flower hanging over as if it looked like it needed water or sun?

An aquarium gives you the same types of signals when there is something not quite right. A few changes in the behavior of livestock could be a big deal.

For instance, if the clams in my tank decide to close up for long periods of time during the day (and they haven’t recently been fed) something is usually going on with the water chemistry. It’s the same for many coral in my tank. Usually while lights are on, everything is opened up and showing off their bright colorations as they enjoy the “ocean breeze”. When coral or inverts (such as anemones) start losing coloration and start to fade, there is defiantly something wrong with that water chemistry. If this isn’t corrected as soon as possible, it could mean the lost of livestock.

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