Easy Corals for Beginners

So you want to keep coral…

Are you up for it?

It’s actually not as hard as you may think!

I will tell you what worked for me when I began the Aquarium Reef journey…

I started out with T5 lighting on my aquarium when it all began. Because I didn’t have sufficient light for many of the more expensive corals, I wanted to start off with something cheap that wouldn’t hurt my feelings if it dried up and died.

Kenya Trees:

Kenya Trees are very hardy. They require medium lighting and medium to strong water flow. I started off with two very small branches from my Local Fish Store. I placed them in the middle of my tank where they would get strong currents and good lighting. Within 6 months, they were taking over my tank. I went from having a couple of Kenya “nubs” to a Kenya “forest”. As they grow, they shed their branches which attach to your sand bed or rock within your tank and begin to grow again. Feed these guys Brightwell Aquatics Reef Snow. They will grow like crazy. They give you movement inside of your tank.

Kenya Trees

Kenya Trees


Mushrooms are extremely hardy and come in all sizes and colors. They give your tank variety. They need moderate lighting and low to medium water flow. You can pretty much put them anywhere in your tank. My mushrooms in particular seem to like being at the bottom of my tank now that I have increased my light intensity for other coral. You can usually find a nice mushroom rock at your local fish store for a decent price. Mushrooms will stretch to find light if their lighting is not significant for them. My mushrooms pretty much eat whatever I put into my tank. They grow at a decent rate and will soon cover your rock work.

Hairy Mushroom

Hairy Mushroom

Red Mushroom

Red Mushroom

Stretched Mushroom

Stretched Mushroom


Zoanthids are hardy and come in a variety of colors. Many of them have funky little nicknames to correlate with their color patterns.

Check out Zoanthid Names!

Zoas enjoy moderate lighting and medium water flow. They like being either in the middle or at the top of your tank. I usually place them near the top of my tank. They bring so much color to the tank. Definitely eye catchers. Zoas normally are sold in colonies. When you get into the more expensive types of Zoas, called exclusives, they are sold by “head”. When starting out in this hobby, try to buy frags of colonies around the $5-$15 mark. Once you have successfully kept the cheaper types of Zoas, feel free to try your luck at the more expensive types.

Green Zoas20130801-012828.jpgPink Zoas

Want to check out different types of Zoanthids…Check out Zoanthids.com

These three types of corals are what I began with when I first started. The good thing about these corals is, once you get established in the hobby and these corals began to grow, you can learn to frag your corals to trade with other hobbyist or sell them to recoup some of the cost of your aquarium. Either way, you get to enjoy the hobby and you will benefit from it in the future.

Want to learn more on fragging your own coral? Check out Bulk Reef Supply!


What are some other types of easy corals that you have kept? Let us know!




Take Beautiful Underwater Pictures

Have you ever wondered how some people get such great pictures of the life in their tanks? I know I always have. Recently I began to search for an alternative to picture taking my 90 gallons of paradise. My first thought was to get an underwater camera. I wanted clean and up close shots of my live stock in my tank.

As I started shopping around, I noticed that underwater cameras are rather expensive. At least for what I wanted it for. Then it came to me…hey, why not just buy a water proof case for my iPhone 5? I already had the equipment I needed. I just needed to figure out how to make it work for me. After this thought popped into my head, I honestly thought to myself, wait, do I really want to trust a case to submerge a $500+ piece of equipment that has all of my data stored in it? The thought of losing my phone due to a faulty case scared me half to death.

I went window shopping. Amazon hasn’t steered me wrong yet. I came across the Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case. This thing is insane. After reading the reviews on it, I decided to purchase it. It comes in many different colors. I decided on my favorite color Red.


As soon as I got it home, I opened the case and followed the “water testing” directions that were enclosed to the T. The case passed the water test with flying colors. I was still nervous about submerging my expensive phone into my tank. I called to double check my phone’s insurance covered water damage, I backed my phone up to my computer, and I took life by the horns. LOL

Here are some of my first pictures!


20130801-012805.jpgGreen ZoasHairy Mushroom20130801-012828.jpg

I had problems taking pictures under water at first. The iPhone 5 senses the electricity in your body which helps the screen read your finger movements. Underwater, the electricity within the tank itself will disable the touch screen function. I did a little research and figured out that while in camera mode, you can use the volume up button to snap pictures or start and stop video on the iPhone. Problem solved!

No leaks! I took great pictures! I bought this case especially to do underwater shots. It’s a plus that it also protects my phone if I ever drop it as well. I am truly completely satisfied with this one!

Good Job Life Proof!

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